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What's New on Camden


One Click email login mode for homepage

Having a link sent to your email address makes saving passwords a thing of the past


Buy Now button option for the product page

Save your customers time by taking them straight to the Checkout page


Empty Cart button

Clicking this button clears multiple items at once on the Cart page

Enhanced Customer Account Area

Account Bar

Account bar on the homepage

Frequently used account actions appear under the hero content after a customer signs in

Login Box

Login box on the homepage

Login box can be shown on the homepage - once a customer signs in this disappears

Account Area

Optimized account area

Account area has been rebuilt to focus on frequently used customer actions such and invoice downloads and re-ordering

Product Cards Designed for B2B

Configurable Tax Display

Configurable tax display

Easily change the default platform princing display without having to customize the theme code. Choose whether price including or excluding tax takes priority in the listing and whether to hide tax labels

Expanded Product Card Info

Expanded product card information

Highlight custom fields, stock and availability on the product cards - key information without the need to visit the product page

Flexible Display Options

Customer configurable category display

Your customers can choose a content-grid grid or list view and specify the number of items per page, ideal for B2B shopping

Personalization Features

Greet Your Customer by Name

Greet your customers by name

Welcome notes and personalized lists are visible after your customer logs into the store

Recently Viewed Items

Recently viewed items

Recently viewed items are visible on the homepage, categories and product pages throughout a user session to provide easy access to browsing history

B2B/Members Only Purchasing Control

Hide Prices

Hide all prices

Hide prices from guests. Access can be granted to either logged in customers or just those who are assigned to a group

Hide the Storefront

Hide the storefront

All catalog content including product search and SKU ordering can be disabled until a registered customer or group customer signs in

Minimum Order Value

Minimum order value

MOV can be configured easily in the theme options; proceed to checkout is blocked until the order value exceeds the limit

Add to Cart by SKU/Quick Order Feature

Add to Cart by SKU in the Header

Add by SKU in the header

Persistent element always available in the header - can be hidden in the theme options. B2B customers can add known SKUs along with quantities to quickly add items to their order

Add to Cart by SKU in the mini cart

Add by SKU in the mini cart

Add by SKU and quantity is also available to show in the mini cart

Add multiple SKUs

Add multiple SKUs to cart

Specifically designed for B2B sellers with printed catalogs, this feature allows your customers to add multiple SKUs and quantities to an order in one go. This also supports CSV uploads. Stock is checked and out of stock items are clearly highlighted

Multiple Navigation Options

Standard dropdown menu

Standard dropdown menu

Classic, simple dropdown menu which can be activated on click or hover - easily configured in the theme editor

Enclosed Menus

Enclosed menus

Enclose all categories into a single dropdown menu if you have multiple featured information links in your main navigation

Limit navigation items for large catalogs

Limit top level items

For large catalogs, only display your best selling categories, and hide the others in a "more..." list. Choose how many to display in the theme editor

Mega menu

Mega menu

Configurable in the theme options to show with or without images, on hover or click

Categories Designed For Large Catalogs

List view

Shopping list view

Switch from content-grid grid to list view - all items can be added in quantities to the cart straight from the category page, without having to click into the product

Persistent Mini Cart

Persistent mini cart

The mini cart can be configured in theme options to always show in the product listing pages - combined with shopping list ordering this allows your customers to keep easy track of their current order

Shopping/Favorites Lists Redesigned for B2B

Add to list from product card

Add to list from the category page

Customers can add items to any of their shopping lists straight from the category page, ideal for B2B re-ordering

Lists available in the header

Access shopping lists in the header

Easy to access, always available - your customers can get straight to specific shopping lists from a persistent menu in the main navigation

Save a complete list from your cart

Save to lists from the shopping cart

This feature can be enabled through the theme options allowing your customers to build an order and save it for later into a favorites list

Homepage Enhancements

Storyboard mode

Storyboard mode

Eliminate banner blindness and increase conversions by removing the carousel and replacing with static hero banners

Featured categories

Featured categories

Feature specific categories on the homepage with eye catching banners; these can be redirected to existing product categories

News articles

Featured news articles

Feature your company news on the homepage using the built in blog functionality

Additional Theme Features

SVG logo support

SVG logo support

Easily add scalable vector logos to your store through the theme editor and WebDAV

Full Access to Google Fonts

Access to all of Google Fonts

Any Google Font can be used without customizing the theme - any font can be added with a simple string in the theme editor

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